Co-Treasurers Role Description

  • Prepares the annual budget for approval by the Executive Board and general members
  • Receives all monies on behalf of the PTO
  • Deposits monies in the name of the PTO in a bank approved by the Executive Board, as receives and retains a copy of the deposit slips for any deposits made
  • Disburses monies as described in the By-laws
  • Keeps an accurate record of the receipts, disbursements, and any other financial transactions of the PTO shared folder, which is a permanent record of this PTO
  • Prepares a financial report for each meeting, and, at any other time as requested by the PTO
  • Must have an assistant counting the receipts and monies from all fundraising activities
  • Submits all books and records for auditing by the Auditor and as directed by the Board
  • Responsible for filling out and forwarding all necessary forms required for insurance and for the filing of all tax returns and any other forms as required by governmental agencies