The donations our parents so generously donate go directly toward creating a well-rounded educational experience that stretch our student’s skills and imaginations.

    • Math Olympiad – The main goals for Math Olympiad are to stimulate enthusiasm and love of mathematics, to teach problem-solving strategies, and to strengthen the math foundation. It follows a before-school and after-school model. Only students from Eaton Elementary can participate on an Eaton team. Students are to prepare for five (5) exams on their own, as well as, with parent and teacher support.
    • Geography Bee – Eaton students have been successfully participating in the National Geography Bee competition since 2012. This program is run nationwide by National Geographic Society. It is open to students from fourth to eighth grade. Though it is a competition, we place emphasis on the learning and enjoyment of the learning process. Children are introduced to all aspects of geography; cultural, historical, environmental, etc. Classes are conducted in the technology lab, so they can fully utilize all of our digital resources. Old fashioned map work is also required. We study all the continents, learn to research, and memorize countries and capitals. For additional information, please click here.
    • Project Cornerstone ABC – A genuine program that teaches children about respect, tolerance, peaceful conflict resolution, caring and friendship through books read by parent volunteers. Children learn what to do if they encounter bully behaviors and how to become an “UP­stander”. Parents can read thoughtful, inspiring books in his or her child’s classroom. Project Cornerstone Program Leaders will provide training to the volunteer’s to help them prepare for the monthly book reading. For additional information, please click here.
    • Library and Librarian – Your donations pay the salary of our wonderful librarian, without which, our library would not be possible. Additional library hours are also made possible by your donations. Students can achieve their studies surrounded in a room full of important resources.
    • Music – All Eaton students have the opportunity to hone their musical skills! Music is an important part of creativity and self-expression. Donations pay for our music teachers and equipment. For more information on our music program, please click here.
    • Art – All Eaton students have the opportunity to explore their artistic side! Art enables students to express themselves, broaden their creativity, and think differently – all beneficial skills in any field! Donations pay for our art teachers and supplies. For more information on our art program, please click here.