Corporate Matching

Many companies match employee donations, which can double your donations and help our students even more! Please check with your company, or use this lookup tool, to see if a matching gift program is available.  Make sure to note “Eaton Parent Teacher Organization” versus “C.B. Eaton Elementary School” on your Corporate Match forms. For more information, or help completing matching forms, please contact

See if your employer will match your donation to Eaton PTO here, or check out Corporate Matching information for select companies below.

If you need assistance requesting a corporate match from your Company, fill out the following Eaton PTO Corporate Matching Form and we will help file your corporate matching request for you.

Amazon – No Matching Gifts Program; Employees can set up one-time payroll donations electronically at:

Apple – Minimum $25, up to $10,000; Volunteer Grant $25 for every Hour

Apple’s Matching Gift Administrator
 (855) 237-7875

Google – No Minimum, up to $10,000; Volunteer Grant $10 for every Hour up to $2,500 per year

Google Employee Giving
(403) 237-7875

Microsoft – Minimum $1, up to $15,000

Microsoft Matching Gifts Customer Support

Netflix – Minimum $1, up to $15,000; Matching Ratio 2:1

Netflix Employee Services
(408) 540-3928

LinkedIn – Minimum $25, up to $15,000; Volunteer Grant $25 for every Hour

LinkedIn GIVES
(855) 237-7875

Uber – No Matching Gifts Program

Uber Gives Back
(855) 781-9980

Intuit Inc. – Minimum $15, up to $5,000

We Care & Give Back Program
(855) 237-7875

Doordash – No Matching Gifts Program

Twitter – Minimum $25, up to $2,500

Twitter for Good
(855) 237-7875

Dropbox – Minimum $25, up to $2,000

Dropbox’s Matching Gifts Team
(855) 237-7875

Airbnb – Minimum $25, up to $1,000

Airbnb Goodness Program

Ebay Inc. – Minimum $25, up to $2,500

Ebay’s Employee Matching Gifts Program
(866) 751-6031

Paypal – Minimum $10, up to $2,500

Paypal Matching Gift Program Administrator
(855) 237-7875