Facebook Donation Tips

In addition to a one-time donation, we also have two additional ways to make donating easy!

To setup a monthly donation via our Facebook page:

  • Click “Donate”
  • Under “Donation Frequency”, choose “Monthly Donation”
  • Enter your amount

If you would like to ask your friends and family to help out our Eaton Eagles, you can also create a Fundraiser on your personal Facebook page:

  • On your personal home page on the lefthand side, click “Fundraisers”
  • Choose, “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”
  • Choose, “Get Started”
  • In the search bar, type, “Eaton PTO” and click select
  • From here, you can setup how much money you would like to raise and when you would like your fundraiser to end
  • Next, you can choose a title for your fundraiser and write a brief explanation as to the cause
  • Select a cover photo
  • Choose, “Create”